About Gael

Hi, I’m Gael McKenzie. I completed Ontological Coaching training through Talking About Pty Ltd in Melbourne in 2011. This has contributed to a wealth of experience in the area of physical and mental health, including Crisis Counseling with Lifeline and the Women’s Information Referral Exchange and over 12 years supporting people with drug, alcohol and other addictions, mood disorders and relationship concerns into recovery programs at Australia’s leading treatment centre based in Sydney: South Pacific Private.

I have also studied Nutrition, Massage and Reiki, been a Partner/Director of a Holistic Health Centre, a Health Retreat General Manager and in 2000 was Founder of  a business supporting lifestyle change.

I also like to give back. I was CEO of the Australian arm of a NFP supporting children to survive in impoverished townships in Africa – for 7 years. I was a Director on the Board of a NFP in Vietnam supporting girls and young women to receive an education – for 5 years. And now I am a Director on the Board of Australian NFP Women’s Healing Sanctuary – providing safe space and respite for women who have  suffered trauma, and also for carers, to deeply rest.

My passion is for supporting others to transform their lives through a greater understanding of self. I believe there is no one diet, exercise routine, meditation practice, lifestyle or way of being in the world that fits all. The more time we take to understand our own individual body, mind, spirit and beliefs, the more we are able to create the life we would choose for ourselves.

Through Ontological Coaching (Ontology is the philosophy of Being) and/or Holistic Wellbeing Consulting, I support you to understand how the language you use, the moods and emotions you experience and the postures of your body contribute to the life you have, and how, by changing them (through choice), and where necessary your lifestyle, you can create a life you would prefer.

I’m also a trained Family Constellations facilitator and am passionate about family systems and  supporting and educating family members towards a different communication outcome.

With respect and integrity, I hold the space for the evolving of your own unique journey.