Family Constellations

Do you find yourself wishing something was different in or with your family?

Do you get tired of trying to work it out through thinking, worrying, talking, arguing, sleepless nights?

The dynamics in a family system can seem overwhelming and exhausting. And we’re all part of a family system, even if we don’t live close to our family, are not connected or they have passed away.

I compassionately hold space and support for you to heal from wounds of your past through the process of Family Constellations, a profound and therapeutic experience, inviting ancestral wisdom into the current day energetic field for a fresh, new, objective perspective.

Without needing to physically invite any family members to join you, you can experience:

  • shifts in your family communication
  • emotional change
  • reduced tension
  • acceptance
  • resolution
  • harmony
  • integration
  • healing

Family Constellations are offered 1-1 either face to face or online and may be included as part of a coaching program.