Holistic Wellbeing

Waking up each morning with a sense of wellbeing is a core aspect of receiving the results we hope for in everything we do; both at home and at work.

Through You Inside Out I assist you in discovering and maintaining:

  • Your own unique and healthy eating program
  • An exercise program that’s right for you
  • A lifestyle that enhances who you are
  • Meditation and relaxation techniques
  • How to let go of limiting behaviours and patterns
  • Self love and acceptance
  • Your constant inner silence

Holistic Wellbeing Consulting is offered face to face or online and may be included as part of a coaching program.


Working with Gael throughout my high school years really helped me overcome my anxieties relating to friends, school work and home life. She approaches all matters in a calm and relaxing way that allows you to feel secure and willing to open up.

Through this feeling of safety the learning of meditation becomes a much easier process to handle. Gael gave me continuous support that I was actually able to implement into my life to help me overcome anxieties and past hurt.

Even when I reached out to Gael again a few years later, she was willing and ready to listen and guide me through my next steps in life. I would most certainly recommend Gael to anyone looking for some guidance within themselves and anything life throws at you!