What choices are you making as the pandemic changes the world as we knew it?

One thing that was resoundingly known to me as we went through the initial phases of the pandemic and its restrictions, was that I didn’t want the “change” in the world to pass without making some significant “change” myself. As without, so within and vice versa. It seems a while ago now, even though just a few weeks. My journaling each morning was relevant to the times: what I was grateful for and what I wanted to remain once the pandemic “crisis” had passed. Looking back on my journal I’d noted things like “Grateful for life as I know it, thanks to my parents. Grateful for my family and all they teach me. Grateful for the rooster next door and its early morning dawn chorus.” Things I wanted to continue after “this” included: “Not spending money unnecessarily, a capacity for embracing rather than fearing change, looking for more ways to be kind, not over-planning, connecting more with like minded souls.” The list goes on…and my invitation to you here is to explore what you’re grateful for. What possibilities have you embraced that don’t invite a “getting back to normal” – even if your circumstances have changed massively and without your choice as a result of COVID-19? Enjoy this awesome interview with Dr Zach Bush: A Pandemic of Possibility