Why Mindfulness Matters

It might take repetitious practice to train ourselves to be mindful – but it might be worth it! Sometimes we can become so consumed by the current “worry” of the mind, that even being cognisant that mindfulness is “a thing” is not in our conscious awareness. But why does it matter anyway?

Unfortunately in our world today, there is much to be “worried” about…. war, inequality, poverty, displacement, climate, trauma, abuse, relationships, ill-health, pandemic, death – and so that list goes on. But what happens to us as humans when we are constantly worried and not mindful? We can become consumed by worry and become anxious and sometimes physically unwell too. So the very thing we were worried about might actually give us something else to be worried about. And before we know it we have a domino effect.

Understanding the impact of worry on our mental and physical wellbeing can be helpful in shifting a pattern. Does this mean that we should “chase away” our worries then? No. Mindfulness invites full focus on that which is troubling us, allowing all of the emotion associated with that “worry” to come to the surface. Be present with pain, with fear, with anger that may arise. Allow it rather than supressing it. We might wear a mask of “I’m OK thanks” or “I’m fine” and just soldier on, worried sick on the inside. The “worries” then remain unattended and this is when they might develop into mental or physical health concerns.

So the invitation is to become conscious of your thoughts and the things you are doing, as often throughout the day as you possibly can. Are you making a choice right now that is going to support you and those around you – even if you are worried about something? And if you don’t know, can you take some time out and tune in to your breath and feel the ground beneath your feet? Breathing in deeply and breathing out deeply. A few times. Right into the belly. Notice how shoulders drop and the intensity lessens. Notice the connection between the soles of your feet and the ground beneath them. The air around you might feel lighter. Internally, your body might be thanking you already for that one little act of self-kindness and mindfulness.

Coaching can support you to become mindful of your way of being. What are you thinking? What are you feeling emotionally? How is your body posture? And what might shift, if you choose, by becoming mindful and present to this very moment?

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