As philosopher Alain Badiou so eloquently articulated:

“All resistance is a rupture with what is. Every rupture begins, for those engaged in it, through a rupture with oneself.”

How then, might we begin to repair “rupture with oneself”? So much has presented itself to us over the past year, through the changing world we inhabit now as a result of the rampancy of the Covid-19 virus. Perhaps we are being invited to review life as we knew it and resist the temptation to any “returning to normal”? How focussed were we on the world “out there”, the world outside of ourselves? How driven to achieve materially? How had capitalism guided our every day? How much were we living “in comparison” with others, trying at all costs to “have it all”? And what have we learned about all that over the past year? That it can all disappear overnight if or when we unexpectedly loose our loved ones, our jobs, we become unwell, struggle to retain an identity, constantly wait in anticipation for a returning to the “normal” we are dreaming of?

Mindfulness and presence have been much talked of over the years and can sometimes also be misinterpreted. Perhaps if I sit on a cushion for ten minutes in the morning and practice mindfulness, it will eventually make me more mindful. And yes, whilst that might definitely support one’s awareness, the essence lies in the every moment and who we show up as, what choices we are making, whether our words are kind, our actions are considerate. When we are willing to look within for the direction, consult our own “inner landscape” , the “resistance to what is” can start to fall away. We become less and less dependent on the external to provide our sense of who we are. We can adapt, shapeshift, remould…

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