Do you stop from time to time and ask yourself “What am I passionate about?” Or, are you perhaps completely clear about what makes your heart sing and what really ignites you and yet something is just “not right”? What would it take then for you to invite curiosity in this regard? Is it that you don’t have enough time to think about it? Could it be that you need a weekend away from everything and everyone to really tune in to yourself? Do you like butchers paper and texters to get the creative juices flowing, or your laptop to make succinct bullet points that reflect the things you love to do and be and support others with? What did you enjoy when you were a kid? Is there resonance between then and now? When did you last ask yourself “Am I really being true to myself and the life I choose to live?” And perhaps “What am I passionate about?” is a question that remains open-ended as we learn, grow, fall, experience hardship and adversity and start over.

What’s apparent though is that even when we know what we’re passionate about, unless we are willing to go inside ourselves, take time and reflect, not all of us are going to be able to be effective in our own self-leadership.

The current times; COVID-19 and it’s enforced restrictions, climate change and the ever-ticking clock, Black Lives Matter and why wouldn’t there be protests, the massive economic deficit that’s hanging over the planet like a thick grey cloud, the uncertainty that prevails, the helplessness that so many are experiencing, the pain, the anger, the loss, the grief. How do we acknowledge feelings of powerlessness regarding the future of humanity and the beautiful planet we live on at the same time as keeping ourselves mentally, emotionally and physically healthy? We’ve learned over time to tolerate discomfort.

Now, more than ever, perhaps we are being called to reposition ourselves authentically within our own internal landscape, in order to be able to better serve ourselves, our families, the organisations we work within and in serving the planet and those in greater need than ourselves. By becoming clearer about what’s meaningful to us, what’s important to us, what we’re passionate about, observing and listening to the natural world and then becoming present to our unique, innate, embodied intelligence, perhaps we can, over time, engage in the world more mindfully and with much needed kindness and empathy. The invitation might be for us to Go Inside, Take Time, Reflect – and discover who we are called to Be. Once we start on that path, we may find ourselves better equipped to do what we’re moved to do.

“The more mindful you can be, the more equanimously you can carry yourself, the better equipped you are to manage whatever problems you encounter.” Rich Roll

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