Why would you have a Personal Development Coach?

Clients approach me with a range of concerns. One area of their life is just “not working”, or their entire life feels like a mess. Connecting with a coach can help clients develop an improvement in the quality of their life, an increased sense of well-being and direction.

Over a few sessions, a client can start to feel heard, remember their value, become more mindful and develop a strategy to assist them to navigate the challenges and reduce stress.

Change is a constant. And we can sometimes feel powerless in the face of change.

It’s important the “old” is acknowledged and sometimes grieved. It can feel like rocky territory when we sit in the “neutral” and then embracing the “new” can bring its own empowering energy that might feel foreign for a while.

At You Inside Out, I support you through the change as you anchor yourself in a process of re-direction and consolidation.

Contact me to talk about the coaching programs available to you through You Inside Out. Coaching is offered 1-1, either face to face or online.